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Family, friends and smiles are what it's all about. We believe good cooking is the glue that keeps us together.

Chris and Rob met some 20 years ago working in a restaurant in Asheville, NC where the food and fun experience began.  Over the years there have been marriages, children, family and friends, but the common thread has always been great meals.

Chris ventured away from Asheville long enough to attend culinary school in Vancouver BC but the pull of the Blue Ridge brought him back to Asheville to perfect his recipes.  In the meantime, Rob started up several successful businesses in Raleigh, NC and then found his way back to Asheville looking for a new venture.

Chris had spent years experimenting in the kitchen until he had crafted a gourmet BBQ sauce that family and friends all seemed to love. Out of the Blue, Inc. was established by Rob and Chris to share this flagship recipe with everyone. This is the first in a line of delicious sauces and rubs sure to become favorites.

Chris and Rob
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