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Family, friends and smiles are what it's all about. We believe good cooking is the glue that keeps us together.
BBQ Bottle

Kansas City Shuttle Sauce

Our Sauce:  Out of the Blue BBQ sauce is our flagship sauce; the one that started it all.  It is a North Carolina twist on an all-purpose Memphis style BBQ sauce.  Just enough sweetness, smoke and spice in a rich sauce that will complement your favorite cut of meat.  Slather it on while you barbeque, use it as a marinade or as a finishing sauce; anyway you try our sauce, you will be glad you did. .

    Sold in 16 oz. Bottles/12 per case
    Contains No: MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup or Gluten
    Fat Free and Cholesterol Free

Visit our store to buy your own! or find a location near you

All the sauces are made to be “all-purpose” so we believe they work well on any protein meat. You can marinate, grill, or use a dipping sauces.

Food Truck: Coming Soon, please check back for more info.

Food Truck
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